Things you can Do to Improve your Blog

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4 Blogging is the latest buzz in marketing! Statistics reveal that approximately 6.7 million people blog on different blogging sites. Also, 37 percent marketers believe that blogs are the most important part of content marketing strategies for any business. Blogs is considered to be one of the best ways to increase traffic, build authority, increase......

SEO Guide for Bloggers

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6 With the rising popularity of blogging, more and more businesses and marketers are trying to leverage the potential held by blogging. For any blog to be successful, it is very important that the blog reaches relevant and wide audience base. So, every blogger must know importance of blog optimization and need of SEO to boost their presence online. ......

How to select the right social media platforms

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3 You know my dog died last week, and I somehow wanted to share that grief. So what do I do, post it on a social networking site. This is how today’s ‘neti-zens’ share their happiness and sorrows, on some or the other social media platform. Due to lingering effect of social media and the life attached ......

How To Find Your Blogger Voice

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2 Blogging has become the modern times Spiritual writing that shares creative reading helpful for your day to day lives and accepting comments on your thoughts and views. If you ask any successful blogger as to what his inner voice says about him, you’ll probably end up getting either millions of answers or the same old cliché ones. Do......

31 ways to grow your social media followers

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1 The influence and reach of social media is such that no person or a business organization could stay away from it pros and also cons to survive in the today’s social world. It has become a point of contention, to have or gain as many followers as possible on the community page, fan page, twitter handle, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others. Read on......

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